Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Retro Sweeties Afternoon Tea

We had two events this month with our retro sweeties theme.  It was great fun thinking up things to make for this theme - essentially taking of our favourite old fashioned sweets and incorporating them into our favourite cakes, a perfect pairing.  I think we were especially pleased with the rhubarb & custard tarts, homemade honeycomb for the eclairs, cherry cola macarons and the raspberry ripple cheesecake.  The mint choc chip cake was mahoosive and looked (and tasted!) pretty spectacular too - we were especially thrilled that it was chosen for the Cake With A View blog.  You can see our full menu here but here's some pictures for you to enjoy. 

3 tiers of loveliness - buttermilk scones, raspberry marshmallows,
honeycomb eclairs, lemon sherbet cake and rhubarb & custard tarts.
Mint choc chip vienetta cake
And the inside...!
Our savouries - caramelised onion tarts, pumpkin scones and gougeres
Lemon sherbet cakes and retro sweeties!
Raspberry ripple chessecake and soor ploom teacake

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