Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cocktails & Canapes afternoon tea

Another beautiful day in Edinburgh and a lovely day to enjoy an afternoon tea!  Sunshine seems to put everyone in a happy mood and it was a really lovely atmosphere at our cocktails and canap├ęs event.  We had so many great ideas for cakes for this afternoon tea, we ended up going a little bit overboard and we had a lot of cake - no bad thing we say... One of our favourite things was our 'Del Boy' style Blue Hawaii cakes - Malibu soaked coconut sponge with pineapple and passion fruit curd, topped with Blue Curacao buttercream and maraschino cherry.  We also loved our White Russian Nanaimo Bars - these are a Canadia treat which have three layers - a biscuity base, vodka cream icing in the middle and Kahlua ganache on top.  Michelle was excited to crack out the blowtorch to make Limoncello meringue tarts and our other top pick was the Mojito cheesecake. Check out our menu page for more details and as ever, here are some photos to enjoy.

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